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Roll Up Your Sleeves!

Do you have a need for high flow? Maybe fast actuation times? How about both? Castor sleeve valves are the solution that can bring you the best in high flow shut-off and actuation. Our sleeve valves feature a design that provides for minimal obstruction in the flow path, which helps them achieve flow rates on par with a completely unobstructed tube (or a ball valve of similar line size).

Large line-size ball valves have long been the standard in aerospace for applications where high flow is necessary, such as main rocket engines. The reason is simple: they offer a completely unobstructed path

for fluids to flow through when opened. They aren't without drawbacks, however; even modern ball valves are heavy, and slow to actuate. They also require large electromechanical actuation systems, which have to be place relatively far from the actual valve when used in cryogenic applications. All of this adds to the weight, cost, and likelihood of failure of this particular type of valve. Castor sleeve valves have none of these drawbacks. They are less than half the size of comparable ball valves, and don't require any of the expensive and unreliable electromechanical actuation equipment mentioned above. They are pneumatically actuated, which results in lighter valves AND faster actuation times. In a word, our sleeve valves are simply SUPERIOR to the competition.