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Water Solenoid Valves


Each and every product CEI produces is custom engineered to exact specifications. Whatever the application, whatever the envelope, CEI products are designed to withstand and deliver. CEI offers several different product lines to suit any needs you have for pneumatic controls.

3/4 Way Solenoids

CEI also offers a line of 2,3, and 4 port directional solenoid valves, offering you even greater versatility with your system's design. The beauty of the multi-directional solenoid is that it can combine the functions of two or even three valves into one simple package!

Our multi-directional solenoids have been in use for more than four decades,


Coaxial Cryogenic Solenoids

Coaxial solenoid valves are the perfect fit for small line size, small envelope, and low pressure applications. Our valves are custom built, and assembled by hand. This ensures that you get a top quality valve, most with duty cycles in excess of 10,000 cycles. We also offer soft goods kits for these (and other) valves. Once refurbished,


Roll Up Your Sleeves!

Do you have a need for high flow? Maybe fast actuation times? How about both? Castor sleeve valves are the solution that can bring you the best in high flow shut-off and actuation. Our sleeve valves feature a design that provides for minimal obstruction in the flow path, which helps them achieve flow rates on par with a completely unobstructed tube (or a ball valve of similar line size).

Large line-size ball valves have long been the standard in aerospace for applications where high flow is necessary, such as main rocket engines. The reason is simple: they offer a completely unobstructed path


Latching Cryogenic Service Valves

Castor Engineering Inc. is pleased to announce the arrival of our latest product, the 100222 Latching Solenoid Actuated Valve. The 100222 is primed and ready for gaseous and cryogenic liquid media for pressures from 0-1500 PSIA. Based upon an older model known as the 'frictionless solenoid,' for it's lack of piston (friction) seals, this valve features a double seat configuration. This configuration removes the need for expensive special spring loaded seals that have proven to be less reliable than standard o-rings.